Tuesday, 4 October 2016

So this happened today ...

This means that now all the forecast rain that most of my friends do not want to arrive, will not arrive but I am SO thankful it is here and in place safe and sound. Nick is working on plumbing it in now. The lovely chap who delivered it was very helpful and also turns out he is the President of Equestrian Sport NZ so we were able to chat horses and horse arenas (he was admiring mine) whilst I nervously chewed my nails watching the whole event unfold. Nail chewing was unnecessary however as the whole transaction could not have run more smoothly. Phew!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Ailbhe's in the ribbons again!

Just another day at the office for Ailbhe. Safe to say I am pretty happy with the results of my breeding program. This guy may not be perfect (what horse is?) but he's had 1 x in hand competition and 2 x ridden dressage competitions and his rider has come home with ribbons from every single class entered (and lets not forget that Supreme Champ at his first show!) and I think that's a pretty darned good effort for a baby overgrown orange pony with one leg put on backwards! 

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Tempi's first crack at XC

Today we took Tempi down to Solway to have a look around the grounds and some of the XC fences. She was as green as spring grass (sheep tracks are cavernous pony eating holes that one MUST be VERY wary of and show jumping poles may just leap up and attack so best not to get too close to those either) but there were some very pleasing moments and I am very proud of what a super pony she is and the potential she shows. Clarissa rode her beautifully and even though she was very well behaved, she did make her work pretty hard for these results. Here are some photos.